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Bouquet Laboratorio Floreale Siena is a constantly evolving shop with bouquets and plants available everyday, to offer a fast and easy shopping experience. There’s plenty of ideas...

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Flowers have always been a key part of a wedding. With the help of our skilled staff, we create stunning, unique floral settings. All details will be taken care of according to your requirements.

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Floral arrangements, bouquets for any special occasion, plants, always available in our shop at STRADA MASSETANA ROMANA. You can order and collect or request delivery.

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Il Bouquet Siena


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Il Bouquet Siena

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Il Bouquet Siena


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Vi scrivo qui perché così lo leggete entrambe. Allestimento sbalorditivo. Tutto al di lá di ogni immaginazione. Il bouquet stupendo. Non ci sono parole per descrivere la perfezione del vostro lavoro. Mi hanno fatto tutti ma davvero tutti i complimenti per i vostri fiori che erano romantici e semplici. Vi dico solo che le mie amiche a fine serata hanno saccheggiato praticamente tutti i fiori dei centro tavola! Ma poi, quanto profumavano le peonie!!!!! Ogni tanto sniffavo il bouquet ahahah. Grazie grazie grazie perché chiunque andassi a salutare mi chiedeva "ma i fiori chi te li ha fatti? Così belli non li avevo mai visti!!!!". Il vostro impegno e la vostra serietà si vedono nei risultati. Grazie grazie grazie anche da parte di mio marito... si ora posso dirlo!!!! Valentina


Il bouquet,thank you so very much for making the church and the venue look so beautiful on our wedding day with the incredible flowers.
Good luck whit the new shop
Grazie mille! Amber and Orion


Since the first time I met Carla, she quickly grasped the style that I had envisioned for my wedding. Her creative ideas and suggestions gave a modern and fresh look to our Tuscan wedding and complemented the venue perfectly. From the aisle with a striking white rose arch to the beautiful centerpieces for the evening, everything was absolutely perfect and above and beyond all expectations. Even if you are abroad, Carla will be in constant contact with you enabling a stress-free journey towards your special day. Abi Raines


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